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Safe Zone project for safe journey of the pilgrims

The Safe Zone project is a joint project of the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department and the Kerala Road Safety Authority for the safety of pilgrims on Sabarimala roads. Pilgrims will receive the services of the Safe Zone, which covers an area of 400 km, until the end of the pilgrimage season. The aim is to ensure that the pilgrims have a safe pilgrimage season.
Among Guruswamis and drivers, short articles are distributed on the Safe Zone project in six languages on major check posts, toll booths, edathaavalams etc. Announcements have been arranged in Malayalam, English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu languages in Safe Zone areas, Patrolling vehicles, railway stations etc.
In addition to the Elavunkal Safe Zone Main Control Office, there will be two sub-divisions functioning at Erumeli and Kuttikkanam. 24 squads will be functioning at Elavunkal, Kuttikkanam and Erumeli 24 hours daily. Approximately 1 crore small and large vehicles are expected at the pilgrimage way. During this period, patrolling of four lakh km distance would be done. The ambulance services of the health department and the police will be used for immediate rescue operations in case of emergency and to bring the injured to the hospitals within a short time. In case of any issue with vehicles, they will be displaced so as to prevent any traffic congestion and will be repaired free of charge. Tire Puncture / Repair Mobile Unit is functioning at Elavankal for repair of vehicles up to 40 tonnes. In addition to it, 90 mechanical teams of 35 automakers are also active for action.

Safe Zone: Emergency Numbers

Safe Zone Project for the pilgrims visiting Sabarimala for Mandala-Makaravilakku Festival. Pilgrims can call the Safe Zone Helpline in case of any emergency including motor accidents: -

Elavunkal- 09400044991, 09562318181
Erumeli- 094 96367974, 08547639173
Kuttikkanam- 09446037100, 08547639176
Assistance is also available by email.